Toilet Seat Care, Repair & Warranty

Toilet Seat Cleaning

Toilet seats should be cleaned using mild hand soap and water. Antibacterial hand soap or dish soap can be used to fight against germs.

Do not use bleach, pine oils, essential oils, chlorine, acid, scouring powders, detergents, disinfectants, or products in aerosol cans.

Harsh chemicals can rub away the paint finish on toilet seats and the metal finish on hinges. This can create a dull look on plastic toilet seats and a dirty worn-away look on molded wood seats as well as corrosion and peeling of the metal hinge finish.

Replacement Parts

Plastic toilet Seats

Plastic toilet seats have molded in bumpers that stay secure and add durability to the seat. Because of this, they cannot be replaced. Hinges on plastic seats are installed at the factory while the plastic is still warm using special tools.

Molded wood toilet seats

Some bumpers can be replaced on molded wood toilet seats. Please contact Bemis Customer Service to find out if replacement bumpers are available for your seat model. Hinges are not replaceable on molded wood seats. This is due to the fact that once screws are removed from a wood seat, they can strip the screw hole to where it does not hold new screws up to our safety and warranty levels.

Bolts and Nuts

Bemis toilet seats should come with the necessary bolts and/or nuts to install the seat. If your package is missing the hardware package, you can call Bemis Customer Service to have new hardware sent to you. Alternatively, you can return the seat to the store for a replacement.

Statement of Warranty

All products are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase.

This guarantee does not apply to any compression molded wood, solid wood, decorator, or economy residential plastic toilet seats used in nonresidential installations, including hotels and motels. This guarantee does not apply to any toilet seats which are modified in any way or used on any type of installation or unit other than conventional water closets. We assume no liability for toilet seats modified or installed on anything other than conventional water closets.

If you have any questions, please contact Bemis Customer Service.